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Tropical Blinds
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Order portal, 3d interactive drawing
Online B2B Order Portal


Tropical Blinds, one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of window blinds, recognised the growing demand for a digitised, efficient and interactive solution for its B2B clientele as they launched their new shutter programme. The objective was to transform the conventional ordering process into a seamless digital experience while offering unprecedented visualisation and tracking features for customers.

Leveraging the powerful features of the Laravel framework, Ascend developed a comprehensive online ordering portal tailored for the B2B market. The portal was not just a mere order placement tool though. Beyond the standard order form, the system provided full order lifecycle tracking, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their orders from initiation to delivery in real-time.

The show-stealer of the whole project though was the innovative 3D interactive drawing feature. Customers, for the first time ever, could visualise and interact with their window shutters in real-life 3D renderings. This feature, backed by cutting-edge web graphics libraries, enabled customers to see precise details, adjust specifications on-the-fly, and receive instant feedback on their designs, ensuring their final product was being ordered as they envisioned.

The new Laravel-powered portal set apart the Tropical Blinds customer experience. Orders were easily placed in volume, thanks to the ease of use and real-time visual feedback. Customers were empowered with an in-depth view of their order’s lifecycle, fostering transparency and trust with Tropical as they established themselves in the market. The 3D interactive drawing capability became a standout feature, setting Tropical Blinds apart from competitors and establishing them as a front-runner in digital innovation in the window shutter market.

This project not only streamlined operations for Tropical but also reinforced their commitment to always offering state-of-the-art solutions to their customers.

What we did

  • CMS
  • HTML5
  • VueJS
  • CSS3
  • Laravel
industry award nominations
3d renders created
third-party integrations
public APIs created

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