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The NHS recognised the need to modernise its training approach for certain disciplines as they emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic and with it amidst a rapidly changing digital landscape. Traditional in-person training sessions were proving logistically challenging and there was a pressing need to reach a wider audience in a more efficient manner.

Harnessing the versatility of WordPress, Ascend crafted a dedicated platform tailored for the NHS’s training needs. The platform was not just a content repository; it was a fully-fledged webinar training portal with live-streamed sessions. We integrated state-of-the-art webinar tools into the WordPress ecosystem, ensuring a seamless experience for both trainers and attendees. The platform provided features like real-time Q&A, session materials and post-webinar feedback mechanisms. User registration was streamlined, ensuring easy access for NHS staff and associated personnel. Furthermore, a backend dashboard allowed administrators to gauge participation rates, engagement levels and manage content.

The transition to the WordPress-powered webinar training platform from Ascend was a resounding success. The NHS were able to ensure training participation, with staff appreciating the flexibility to attend sessions remotely. Recorded sessions ensured that those who missed live webinars could catch up at their convenience, leading to higher content retention. Administrators, armed with control, could refine training content and delivery based on real-time feedback. This project not only modernised the NHS’s training approach but also showcased the potential of WordPress as a robust platform for institutional learning and engagement.

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