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We combine cutting-edge expertise and digital wizardry with a dash of flair to make digital transformation seamless, engaging and exciting. We can optimise your processes with automation, harness data analytics to enable you to make sharper decisions and reimagine your world with state-of-the-art technology.

Web, app & software development

Web, app & software development

Enterprise hosting & public cloud

Enterprise hosting & public cloud

Digital content creation & strategy

Digital content creation & strategy

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Understanding how we work

At the heart of our operations lie three fundamental principles: a commitment to solutions, a user-centric approach, and an unwavering focus on returns. Whether it's navigating challenges, enhancing user interactions, or surpassing ROI goals, rest assured, you're in capable hands to rise to it with Ascend.

Simple problems = simple solutions

When all is said and done, we’re programmers. We solve your problems by creating or updating software to meet your needs.

We specialise heavily in Laravel development, which is a premier tool that stands at the forefront of crafting sophisticated websites and applications. Laravel’s foundation allows us to build highly flexible, scalable and usable solutions that are safe, secure and robust, which is why it’s trusted by many world-renowned brands too.

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Experience centric from start to finish

Design in digital is so much more than just about how things look; it’s about their User Experience.

We focus on your end-user’s overall interaction with your solution, ensuring that it’s intuitive, efficient, and satisfying to use. Whilst colour and layouts can certainly enhance aesthetics and appeal, our approach digs deeper into the psychology of users, understanding their needs, preferences, and potential pain points.

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Results driven & ROI conscious

For anything spent, there has to be a greater value given in return.

By emphasising a results-driven and ROI-centric approach, we clearly showcase Ascend’s tangible impact. This not only optimises our resources but also strengthens client trust too. By delivering consistent outcomes, we evolve from a service provider to a valued business partner you have full confidence in.

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Since working with Ascend, we have worked with some of the industry’s finest talent in IT who can visualise what’s needed and how best to deliver bespoke services and great technical support. The team have been on hand 24 hours when we’ve launched our projects to be the help and support if needed.
Peter Haselden, Director at The Car Park People

Think of us as the key to your success

We can drive your business forward in a modern age

The Car Park People were one of the first brands Ascend was proud to call a customer. Their airport-based operations create technical challenges to overcome as their operating hours are typically what you’d call out-of-hours. This means a flexible and agile approach is required for maintenance, launches and support for when their teams may need it most. We’re proud to hold the keys to their custom-made parking software, their shuttle bus application and direct-to-consumer brand, parkingatmanchesterairport.com.

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From day one

It's all about you, you, you

We're a dynamic team of experts dedicated to delivering a diverse range of solutions tailored to meet your needs of tomorrow. From innovative digital tools and cutting-edge technologies to personalised solutions that drive results, we stand by your side as a partner on your road to success.

In a world where innovation is key, we thrive on thinking outside the box, crafting solutions that defy convention. Our approach ensures your challenges are met with fresh perspectives, leading to breakthroughs that set you apart.

Embracing new technology isn’t a choice. We empower your business to stay at the forefront by seamlessly integrating the latest advancements, revolutionising the way you digitally operate and engage with your audiences.

Equipping you with control is our foundation for future-proofing your journey. We place the power in your hands, enabling you to navigate industry changes on your terms and achieve lasting success, without feeling shackled to us.

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Living by the numbers

Metrics that define our excellence

Numbers speak volumes, and we stand tall behind the metrics that underscore our expertise and commitment to results. Beyond mere accolades, our achievements manifest in the tangible impact we deliver. Embracing a data-centric approach, we are proud to highlight the magnitude of the accomplishments we’ve had for our customers.

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Let's talk digital

From cutting-edge tech discoveries to insightful thought leadership pieces about industry trends, our collection of articles offer a panoramic view of everything that makes us tick. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic customer, our articles help you to stay informed, inspired and ahead of the curve.

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