Machine-Learning Car Park Mapping

The Car Park People
Tech stack
Laravel, VueJS
Algorithm, CMS, API
Machine-Learning Car Park Mapping


The Car Park People, a leading parking solution provider, faced a challenge with their operation at Manchester Airport. With the vastness of the parking areas they own and the continued growth of vehicles they’re trusted with, ensuring a smooth vehicle collection process was becoming increasingly intricate. The goal was clear: to devise a tool that would streamline this process, making it efficient and intuitive.

Drawing upon cutting-edge technology, Ascend developed a sophisticated tool tailored for The Car Park People’s unique requirements. At its core lay a proprietary algorithm designed to suggest optimal parking placements – encompassing car park selection, zone, row, and specific space. This wasn’t just a static algorithm; it was equipped with machine learning capabilities. Every decision it made and the subsequent feedback or modifications by staff were used to refine its recommendations, ensuring continuous improvement over time.

Complementing this backend prowess was a visually intuitive interface. Staff could log in to this dashboard whenever they wanted to delve deeper into a recommendation or if they needed clarity on a specific parking decision. This ensured that, while the system operated largely autonomously, human judgment and oversight remained integral to the process.

The tool revolutionised The Car Park People’s operations at Manchester Airport. Vehicle collections became noticeably swifter, with staff spending minimal time determining where a vehicle should be parked for collection. The learning nature of the algorithm meant that its suggestions grew more accurate and efficient with each passing day. Feedback from staff underscored the tool’s effectiveness, with many appreciating the visual interface that allowed them to understand and, if necessary, adjust recommendations.

The Car Park People, with this innovative tool, not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also solidified their position as pioneers in intelligent parking solutions.

What we did

  • Laravel
  • CMS
car park spaces
car parks
recommendations made
square mile coverage
Peter Haselden, Director at The Car Park People
The mapping tool has allowed the overall process to be more streamlined and efficient. This process has proven a saving of 50% in processing time for selecting a site, zone, and row for a collection. It has also helped maximise the sites by ensuring these are managed to capacity, and the balance of collections and returns at site, along with a reduction in labour costs.

Peter Haselden, Director at The Car Park People

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