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Microsoft 365 Migration


In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Pub is The Hub recognised the need for a more integrated and collaborative platform. Initially operating on Google Workspace, they sought to migrate to Microsoft 365, envisioning a system where tools like SharePoint and Exchange would better align with their operational needs and future growth.

Ascend embarked on a meticulous migration process, prioritising data integrity and minimal operational disruption. Our team developed a roadmap that began with transitioning emails from Gmail to Exchange, ensuring that every piece of communication was transferred without loss. The next significant phase involved moving documents from Google Drive to SharePoint. We implemented structured workflows to categorise, transfer, and validate the data, paying keen attention to permissions, version histories, and shared link functionalities. Throughout the process, we offered comprehensive training sessions to the organisation’s staff, ensuring they were comfortable and proficient with the new tools.

The migration was executed seamlessly, with zero data loss and minimal disruption to the organisation’s daily operations. Users quickly adapted to Microsoft 365, lauding the enhanced collaboration capabilities and the cohesive nature of the platform. By transitioning to Microsoft 365, Pub is The Hub as a not-for-profit ensured a scalable, unified, and robust digital environment, poised for future growth.

What we did

  • Cloud services
  • Migration
users migrated
data migrated
cost saving per user
shared mailboxes converted

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