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Greatwell Homes
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Accessible WordPress Website


Greatwell Homes, was seeking to elevate its online presence. Recognising the diverse needs of its user base, from tenants to external stakeholders, they required a digital platform that was both comprehensive and accessible to users with varied requirements.

Leveraging the flexibility of WordPress, Ascend delivered a website tailored for inclusivity. We prioritised accessibility, ensuring compatibility with screen readers, introducing adjustable font sizes, and optimising for colour contrast, catering to users with visual impairments. The site also featured a responsive design, ensuring a seamless experience across devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

Integration with other systems was also key. To streamline the job application process, the website was flawlessly integrated with an applicant tracking system, ensuring real-time updates on job postings and a straightforward application process for potential candidates.

Furthermore, digital entry points were embedded throughout the site for tenants seeking assistance. This allowed for efficient data capture, enabling Greatwell Homes to respond promptly to tenant needs.

The WordPress site significantly enhanced Greatwell Homes’ digital presence. Feedback from users highlighted the website’s user-friendly and inclusive design. Tenants found the digital entry points invaluable, leading to faster response times and improved tenant satisfaction. External stakeholders appreciated the tailored resources available to them, leading to more effective collaborations. In essence, the project underlined the importance of inclusivity in digital design, positioning Greatwell Homes as a forward-thinking and user-centric organisation.

What we did

  • Theme
  • CMS
  • HTML5
  • Plugin
  • WordPress
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
evolutions in design
custom post types
social network integrations
assets optimised

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