Airport Shuttle Bus App

The Car Park People
Tech stack
Laravel, Redis, Pusher
Web app, Vehicle tracking, SMS
Airport Shuttle Bus App


The Car Park People, operating at Manchester Airport, was facing challenges in efficiently managing its shuttle bus operations between hotels and airport terminals. They sought a solution that could enhance rider experience by providing real-time updates and streamlining the shuttle request process, ultimately reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Using the robust Laravel framework, Ascend built a web application tailored specifically to meet the demands of The Car Park People and Manchester Airport’s footfall. At the heart of the app was the integration with Pusher, enabling real-time communication between devices. This allowed drivers to receive immediate updates and changes to their route or schedule based on the actions of other drivers online at the same time.

Coupled with onboard hardware in the shuttle buses, the application was able to pinpoint the exact location of each vehicle. This data, in conjunction with Google’s Distance API, empowered the app to offer an estimated travel time between the shuttle and the rider upon a collection request; with riders informed of their shuttle’s ETA, giving them a clear expectation and reducing uncertainty.

The newly implemented system was a resounding success. Shuttle drivers could communicate and receive updates effortlessly, leading to a smoother operational flow. Riders, now equipped with real-time data, reported a significant enhancement in their travel experience. The dynamic estimation of shuttle arrival, backed by the integration of hardware location data and Google’s Distance API, reduced perceived wait times and increased passenger satisfaction.

The Car Park People’s Manchester Airport shuttle bus service was not only streamlined but was also positioned as a benchmark in leveraging technology for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What we did

  • VueJS
  • HTML5
  • Pusher
  • Laravel
  • CSS3
  • Tailwind
  • CMS
journeys completed
Stripe transactions
feedback surveys collected
vehicle checks completed
Peter Haselden, Director at The Car Park People
This was an extensive brief and was delivered within 6 months. Tested and launched within 4 week’s of our preview and has grown into what it has become today. We have since made improvements and additions to the app to help us maximise the customer and client experience. Within 2 years from when the idea was floated to Ascend, it has grown in to a seamless and minimal input app which maximises the overall experience for all.

Peter Haselden, Director at The Car Park People

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