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FedEx Label & Tracking Integration


The Shutter Store, a premier provider of window shutters in America, faced an operational bottleneck. Manually generating shipping labels for their ever-growing volume of incoming shipments was not only time-consuming but also potentially prone to errors. With the goal of optimising this process and reducing manual intervention, they sought a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their FedEx account and automate the label generation process.

Ascend devised an end-to-end integration system that connected The Shutter Store’s shipping manifests with their FedEx account. At its heart, the system, when prompted and based on a shipment’s characteristics, create labels for either Ground or LTL shipments. This was achieved by deploying a proprietary algorithm that assessed shipment parameters and determined the most appropriate label type.

Yet, autonomy didn’t mean a lack of control. We complemented this backend, headless integration with a user-friendly front-end interface. Staff could request batch sets of labels, print them, and, if necessary, make any final tweaks to the shipping information and re-request labels. This combination of automated efficiency with human oversight ensured a smooth flow of operations without compromising accuracy.

The automated integration transformed The Shutter Store’s shipping process. What was becoming a labor-intensive task became a much more streamlined process. The system’s adaptability, allowing for last-minute adjustments, ensured that any unique shipping requirements were catered to. The Shutter Store, with this advanced integration, not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also ensured a more accurate and faster shipping process for its products.

What we did

  • Tailwind
  • Plugin
  • Laravel
less time to create labels
boxes processed
labels generated
shipping classes covered
Jose Orozco, Operations Manager @ The Shutter Store (USA)
I've had the great pleasure of working with Ascend on several projects, including the most challenging FedEx integration. As was expected, there were many hurdles to overcome, however the Ascend team could not have done a better job of ensuring company objectives where clear when liaising with FedEx. Our goals were met and the project was accomplished in a timely manner.

Jose Orozco, Operations Manager @ The Shutter Store (USA)

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