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Charity Brochure & Donation Website


In a world where digital presence is key, the charity arm of Pets at Home – the Pets Foundation – recognised the need to amplify its impact and reach. They envisioned a dynamic online platform that not only showcased their vital charitable work but also facilitated seamless year-round donations and merchandise sales.

The existing donation processes were offline, seasonal and lacked year-round engagement outside of stores, impacting the charity’s ability to maximise contributions. This also meant the Pets Foundation’s valuable support statistics were offline too, inaccessible to the public.

Ascend delivered a comprehensive strategy to address these challenges and create a vibrant, engaging, and user-friendly website that would serve multiple functions.

We crafted a visually appealing and intuitive website that showcased the charity’s mission, achievements and impact. The design is modern, responsive and aligns with the brand identity.

Using GiveWP as a basis, we integrated a robust and secure donation system that allowed supporters to contribute at any time. To maintain donor enthusiasm and engagement, we designed dedicated campaign pages for spring, summer, and Christmas, aligning with in-store activities. Each campaign launched with its own unique theme and compelling narrative.

Using WooCommerce, we delivered a seamless e-commerce platform, enabling supporters to purchase merchandise, to further extend their support for the charity.

To highlight the great work their grant programme does, we established a direct link to the charity’s CRM, enabling real-time data updates on regional support statistics, showcasing the Pets Foundation’s reach and impact.

In partnership with the Pets Foundation, Ascend have created a dynamic online platform that not only markets the charity’s work but also serves as a hub for year-round donations, seasonal campaigns, merchandise sales and transparent data presentation.

This transformation has allowed the Pets Foundation to expand its reach, maintain donor engagement and enhance its impact across the UK.

With a fresh, engaging online presence, the charity is better equipped to continue its vital work in improving lives of People and Pets nationwide.

What we did

  • CSS3
  • Theme
  • UX
  • SEO
  • Plugin
  • jQuery
  • CMS
  • WooCommerce
  • HTML5
  • WordPress
  • Backups
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