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Decora Blind Systems, a renowned brand in the blind industry, was operating with a static HTML/PHP website that, while functional, did not encapsulate the vibrancy and dynamism of their brand. The static nature of the site limited stakeholder involvement, creating bottlenecks in content updates and innovations too.

Ascend’s mission was clear: transform the static site into a dynamic, brand-reflective platform using something that put Decora in control. With its rich array of customisation features, WordPress was the ideal choice. With a visually inspiring layout capturing Decora’s brand essence, blending aesthetics with functionality; high-resolution imagery of their products, paired with interactive elements, brought the site to life in a way it had never been before.

But the real magic in this project lay in the empowerment Ascend gave to stakeholders. Custom user roles were defined within WordPress, granting various teams within Decora the ability to manage and update their specific sections. This decentralisation of content management allowed for real-time updates, improved content additions and a sense of ownership among the various departments.

The transformation was a resounding success. Decora not only had a website that echoed its brand identity but also one that was now living and evolving. Stakeholders, now having direct control over their web sections, are able to ensure the site remains updated, relevant, and engaging.

Feedback from customers and partners highlighted the site’s user-friendliness, aesthetic appeal and the ease with which they could find updated information. By transitioning to WordPress, Decora reinforced its reputation as an industry leader that embraces change and innovation.

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  • CSS3
  • Tailwind
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  • HTML5
  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • Plugin
  • Theme
  • CMS
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Mark Canavan, Creative Director @ Decora
Working with Ascend has streamlined everything we do digitally. With a natural strength in UI design, the Decora team struggled to bring our ideas online. The new partnership with Ascend has bridged that gap and more - especially in the build of Decora’s corporate website.

Mark Canavan, Creative Director @ Decora

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